In Store Music

In Store Music puts you in the driver's seat. You'll liaise with our creative experts to manage the selection of music your customers will hear and the announcements that will be appearing in store.

No need for censorship!! The music in our library catalogues is squeaky clean! You avoid the risk of offending customers with risque music tracks and you don't need those "language warnings" required on the radio these days.

The announcements will be scripted by our experienced copywriters, voiced by professional male and female voice artists and produced in our state of the art digital recording studios located at Media Group Pty Ltd on Queensland's Gold Coast.

You choose the promotions you think will be most effective to run in-store and you decide on the number of times the messages will be played in the program.

Updates and changes to the In Store Music program content are easy handled on-line so you know the messages will always be current and working hard to tell customers about your latest store events and promotions.

Time to get it all happening. To get started on your 30 Day Free Trial, click here.