We have the right voice for you! That's a big claim, but we can back it with proof.

You might be looking all over the place to find an announcer to voice a TV commercial. Not just any Television voiceover artist, but the right voice talent. However you may only "know the right voice when you hear it".

That's why we give you the chance to audition voice-over samples online. How easy is that? We have a huge pool of male and female professional voice artists on our books. Whatever style of voice you are looking for, we are sure to have it.

Do you want one voiceover, a group or a multitude of voice artists? We have male and female professional voice actors of all ages. Talented, experienced and versatile performers who respond to direction to deliver the read you want for your television campaign.

Will you want your cold voice tracks supplied "raw"? That means all the takes from the voice recording session will be sent to you without de-breathing and with no equalisation, no compression or effects of any kind. Or would you prefer to have only the selected takes supplied processed and de-breathed ready for mixing? We can also supply finished, fully mixed tracks with music and SFX ready for broadcast?

To get the ball rolling, go online to listen to samples of our voiceover artists. Make your selection then ask us to send you a free online quote. To request a free quote Click here.

If the length of your script or number of scripts exceeds 60 seconds you can ask us to record a FREE demo for you and send that online too.

If you request a free demo we will organise the voiceover talent you selected to read an extract from your script. Then you can accurately judge if you have picked a voice over artist who can deliver exactly what you require.

Because we form a part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists, we understand the impact using the right voice makes to a television production. So don't take any chances. Be sure of getting the voiceover you need. To listen online to samples of our professional male and female television voice artists, Click here.